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3PCS Cymbidium Orchid Flower Petal Cutter Set Stainless Steel

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This is a perfect petals cutter to make vivid flower for DIY or fondant cake decoration. It is reusable, anti-rust, non-stick and safe to use. With it, you can make 3D flower with gum paste, fruit and other edible or non-edible materials.

Made of stainless steel, non-toxic and anti-rust.
A useful tool for creating a fondant cake with vivid flowers.
Non-stick and reusable for a long time.
Simple to use for both fondant fan and veteran and easy to clean. 
Also suitable to make fantasy flower petals with gum paste, fruit, edible and non-edible materials.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Shape: Flower Petal
Type: Hydrangea / Cymbidium Orchid / Pea Flower / Butterfly Orchid (Optional)
Product Height: 18-20mm / 0.71-0.78"
Product Size:  
Hydrangea: 50 * 42mm, 40 * 35mm / 1.97 * 1.65", 1.57 * 1.37"
Cymbidium Orchid: 65mm, 65mm, 58mm / 2.56", 2.56", 2.28"
Pea Flower: 42mm, 50mm / 1.65", 1.97"
Butterfly Orchid: 45mm, 42mm, 52mm / 1.77", 1.65", 2.05"
Product Weight:
Hydrangea: 15g / 0.52oz
Cymbidium Orchid: 18g / 0.64oz
Pea Flower: 13.5g / 0.47oz
Butterfly Orchid: 26.5g / 0.93oz

Package Included:
3 * Flower Petal Cutter(One Set)